Mini Chocolate Footballs, 19pc (225g Approx) Leonidas Chocolates UK

Mini Chocolate Footballs, 19pc (225g Approx)


Show your support this year with delicious chocolate! This football box is filled with sublime chocolate balls in 7 popular flavours, from intense praliné to creamy hazelnut paste. The best way to give your friends, family and yourself the needed energy while cheering your team on.

  • Silver: Milk chocolate, sour cherries
  • Black: Dark chocolate, praliné
  • Red: Milk chocolate, hazelnut paste
  • Yellow: Milk chocolate, salted caramel
  • White: White chocolate, praline é puffed rice
  • Green: Milk chocolate, praliné biscuit
  • Blue: Milk chocolate, sparkling praliné

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