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At Leonidas you can buy traditionally made, affordably priced pralines to give a moment of chocolate happiness to the people you love. A birthday party, a dinner with friends, a romantic evening or a heartfelt thank you; Leonidas celebrates all those happy occasions with you, your family, friends, relations and colleagues. But the big joyous occasions in our lives aren’t the only ones that deserve a chocolatey delight; even those times when you ‘just’ want to make someone smile or let them know that they are important to you are perfect for sharing chocolate happiness. Since the very beginning, Leonidas Kestekides and his nephew Basilio made affordable pralines for everyone. Pralines are a luxury product that everyone should be able to enjoy – a kind of basic right!

For more than a century, giving has been making people happy.

Over 100 years ago, Leonidas Kestekides first started working on our praline as we know it today. For four generations the Kestekides family made its mark on Leonidas, making this brand a real family business. What started out life as a single shop with a sliding sash window, where pralines were displayed on the window sill, has evolved into an international brand experience with more than 1300 shops. Now, everyone enjoys the delicious Leonidas creations. Read all about this chocolate revolution here.

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About Leonidas

Since 1913, Leonidas has had one mission: to make the most delicious, best-quality pralines accessible to everyone. Today, you can buy our Belgian chocolate in over 1300 shops worldwide. More than 100 different kinds of pralines, all made from chocolate with 100% pure cocoa butter. In all our Leonidas shops we guarantee the original delicate chocolate flavour, freshness, quality and affordability. After all, there’s a reason why our pralines are all chocolate lovers’ favourites!
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Since 1913