Leonidas Ballotin - Father's Day Selection Leonidas Chocolates UK

Leonidas Ballotin - Father's Day Selection


Made with love for tradition, with pure cocoa butter and delightfully crunchy. An indulgent treat with 100% pure cocoa butter.

A special selection of our iconic Leonidas Belgian chocolates. Crafted with skill and passion by the Leonidas Maitre Chocolatier, with milk, dark and white chocolate and our delicious pralin, ganache, creams and caramel fillings. A thoughtful gift for loved ones. Presented in our classic Leonidas ballotin gift box which is the original way Belgians have enjoyed Leonidas for over 100 years.

Actual packaging (ribbon colour and paper) may vary depending on the season. 

* All Leonidas chocolates are fresh chocolates that get delivered to the UK from a single factory in Belgium. A typical shelf life date for our fresh chocolates would be 4-6 weeks.

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